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12 Pieces

The 12 Pieces Discipleship Journey is a process by which Christians deepen their faith and relationship with Christ.

The process is comprised of 11 learning opportunities divided into 3 parts.

Part 1: Belonging

Piece 1: Salvation

Piece 2: Baptism

Piece 3: Basic Beliefs

Piece 4: Membership

Part 2: Growing

Piece 5: Spiritual Disciplines

Piece 6: Study

Piece 7: Spiritual Gifts

Part 3: Contributing

Piece 8: Serving

Piece 9: Stewardship

Piece 10: Sharing

Piece 11: Shaping

Piece 12 is not learned or earned, instead it represents the finishing work of Christ as the believer is made complete in Heaven. The 12 Pieces Discipleship Program is designed to help Christians on their journey toward maturity, so that each believer can become the most effective servant for God.

Prerequisite Work

Pre-class work is listed below for each class.

Pre-class work is required before the session begins.

- For most classes, the work will be offered in the classroom 30 minutes prior to the beginning of class if you are unable to complete it at home.

- For most classes, the work requires less than 30 minutes of your time.

- If available online, the work below is linked.

Belonging Piece 1: Salvation

Watch: Testimony by Lecrae

Watch: Testimony by Annie Lobert
(Note: Annie quotes mild profanity at the 8:25 mark)

Read: Acts 3-4

Belonging Piece 2: Baptism

Belonging Piece 3: Basic Beliefs

Session 1 requires the following:
Read: Core Values and Beliefs of the Wesleyan Church
Read: The Articles of Religion
Come to class with at least 3 questions from your reading

Session 2 requires the following:
Read: What is the Church?
Read: Five Ways the Bible Describes the Church
Read: Response to 2015 Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage

Growing Piece 5: Spiritual Disciplines

Growing Piece 6: The Old Testament

Read: "What is the Big Picture of the Bible?"

Choose 1 of the 4 videos below, then watch it and be ready to explain the theme covered.

#1: The Image of God
#2: The Covenants
#3: God's Holiness
#4: The Law

Growing Piece 6: New Testament

Read: "3 Questions to Ask During Bible Study"

Look over the chart on "Jesus in every book". (Pick one as the most meaningful or powerful to you)

Choose 1 of the 4 videos below, then watch it and be ready to explain the theme covered.

#1: The Messiah
#2: The Kingdom
#3: Heaven & Earth
#4: Sacrifice and Atonement